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FAQ Page

FAQ Page

You can place your orders by choosing either one of the below payment methods:

  1. Credit Card / Debit Card / Prepaid Card You can make purchases through the  e-shop using credit cards, as well as debit and prepaid cards. Your credit card will be charged after checking and certifying your details and the card’s validity. Transactions at our e-shop using cards are carried out through an independent bank and are protected by advanced online security systems, which guarantee a safe transactions environment.
  1. Cash-on-delivery– Pay the corresponding value of the merchandise ordered upon delivery by the courier service with which we cooperate. The cash-on-delivery method of payment is only offered for orders to be delivered within Greece. Since 10/1/2019 by choosing cash on delvery the customer will be charged a fee of €1.5 for orders to be delivered within Greece.

The payment method must be chosen before the completion of your order and cannot be changed afterwards.

Phone orders can only be payed for with the cash-on-delivery method.

If you wish to return an item bought via order on please let us know either by sending us an email at [email protected] or calling us and stating:

  • Your order number
    •    Which items out of your order you wish to return
    •    How you want us to proceed upon receiving them

Merchandise returns, exchanges or replacements are accepted within 7 days of the date of receipt of the merchandise, by submission of a written statement. Return of the merchandise to the COMPANY must take place within 7 days of the date of submission of the request for exchange, return or replacement.

The merchandise in the order may be returned, exchanged or replace fully or partially.

The value stated on the purchase receipt shall be taken into consideration for returning, exchanging or replacing the merchandise.

Accessories such as sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and other similar items, excepting belts, bags and purses, may not be returned, exchanged or replaced.

In order to be returned, exchanged or replaced, the merchandise must be returned by the customer in exactly the same excellent state in which they were received, intact and without any wear.  The packaging must be the packaging that accompanies the merchandise normally, in excellent condition – with all labels attached.  The merchandise to be returned must be accompanied by the original documents accompanying the order (e.g. Retail Receipt or invoice, exchange card and any promotional gift) in the event of return of all the items in the order, or photocopy of the accompanying documents in the event of return fewer items than those included in the original order. Returned merchandise that does not comply with the above specifications shall not be accepted.

Our company collaborates exclusively with the SPEEDEX courier company for orders within Greece, and with the DHL courier company for international orders. If you choose a different shipper, you must also undertake the cost of returns, and we cannot provide any guarantee as to the delivery times of the items returned to us.  At the same time, we cannot guarantee the safety and security of merchandise returned via other shippers except SPEEDEX and DHL, and we may not undertake responsibility for the merchandise in question.


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